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Reserve Audit 2021-22 Financial Year

by | April 11, 2022

The 2021-22 Reserve Audit commences in May 2022 and your DHOAS service requirements will be reviewed between May and July 2022.

  • Do you receive a DHOAS subsidy above Tier 1?
  • Do you know (or think) that you won't be completing 20 days of paid service prior to 30 June 2022?
  • You can contact us on 1300 434 627 to discuss minimising any potential overpayment of your DHOAS subsidy.

What happens if you don't contact us?

  • DVA will contact you about your service using the contact details we have on your DHOAS records.
  • If we cannot contact you, your service will be assessed using the data we have received from Defence to finalise the 2021-22 financial year requirements.

Please refer to Step 2 “Important Information – Reserve Service on this website for further information on Reserve service requirements for DHOAS.

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