Australian Government - Department of Defence - Department of Veteran's Affairs

End of service credit and subsidy payments

Once you have expended your DHOAS service credit your subsidy payments will cease.

However, if you return to active service and accrue further service credit, you can re-apply to DVA for your subsidy payments to be restarted.

Your eligibility and entitlement to DHOAS will be reassessed, based on the legislation, regulations and policy applicable at the time of your application.

Reservists, and members transferring from the Permanent Force to the Reserves, need to be mindful of their service credit requirements to support ongoing monthly subsidy payments for the financial year. You will not accrue another year of entitlement to DHOAS until you have completed at least 20 days of paid service, including at least one day of paid Reserve service, within the financial year. Please see Important information - Reserve service.