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Subsidy Calculator


  1. Enter your DHOAS home loan balance, up to your eligible tier level's subsidised loan limit. Do not use a dollar sign or any full stops. For example, $150,000 is entered as 150000.
  2. Enter the current median interest rate used to calculate DHOAS subsidy payments. The interest rate as at April 2021 is 3.62%. Please enter this as '3.62'.

Please note: This calculator provides an estimate only of your DHOAS subsidy payment, based on a given loan amount and interest rate. The actual subsidy you are able to receive will depend on many different factors. These include your eligibility for the Scheme, your subsidised loan limit, current interest rates, and whether there are other parties to your loan. If you would like a formal estimate of your subsidy amount, you should consider submitting an application for a subsidy certificate.